Bad Bunny Background: Everything You Need To Know

Bad Bunny Background

“Bad Bunny” – have you ever seen this name on the music charts and wondered who this is? Why is Bad Bunny? Why do Spanish songs have such high ratings?

We receive similar inquiries around the topic of this rapper. We will help you answer the above questions by learning the Bad bunny background right below.

Stay tuned and read to learn more about this amazing and inspiring artist!

Who Is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny Concert 2022

Bad Bunny Concert 2022

Bad Bunny’s was born in March, 1994 and entered the music market as a singer and rapper. He succeeded in writing and singing in his native Spanish instead of English to attract a wider audience.

Fans often define Bad Bunny’s music as Latin Reggaeton and trap. Not only does he have a simple theme or material, but he also performs many combinations such as soul, bachata, and rock. In particular, instead of choosing the mechanical style, the personality of hip-hop and trap, he freely painted his nails and decided to wear skirts and pull-ups.

With his deep voice, unique music, and youthful fashion sense, he made Latin trap songs more popular with everyone on Latin albums chart.

Like a phenomenon, Bad Bunny became famous in vega baja Puerto Rico and on SoundCloud with the song “Diles” while learning at university of puerto rico. Thanks to that, he signed a contract with the record label “Hear The Music.”

He started collaborating with big artists by “Hear The Music” and quickly became famous. Major artists Bad Bunny collaborated with include Ozuna, J Balvin, Residente, Farruko, Daddy Yankee, and Arcángel at the University of Puerto Rico.

Bad Bunny’s collaborations with famous artists increased his popularity. He became one of the most sought-after artists and began to attract international audiences.

Bad Bunny also became an Internet phenomenon with more than four billion views on its YouTube channel. On his personal Instagram page, he also has a large fan following. On Spotify, Bad Bunny also attracts more than 5.7 million streams per month with a record label.

During his singing career, Bad Bunny has had many songs such as ‘Sensualidad,’ ‘Soy Peor’ and ‘Tú Metes Cabra’ that have entered the ” Latin Songs” list. He is also well known on social and watched a lot on YouTube. Therefore, he has reached an admirable number with more than 9 million followers on the leading video-sharing platform like Youtube.

Family, Life, and Education

Life & Family

Life & Family

Bad Bunny lived with father Martínez and mother Lysaurie Declet in Vega Baja. His father is a driver, and his mother is a school teacher who loves light-hearted ballads, Salsa, and Merengue.

Not only does he have a happy and supportive family in his artistic journey, but he also has a great bad bunny’s girlfriend in vega baja Puerto Rico.

The moment that marked Bad Bunny’s decision to become an artist and singer was to enjoy the music of Vico C.

He went to the church every week with his mother. He sang until he was 13. He also began to write songs and produce one of the bad bunny’s tracks.

This Puerto Rican singer studied communication at UPC. However, he decided to drop out of school to focus entirely on his music career. The Puerto Rican singer works as a bag-packer at the supermarket to cover the costs while writing music in Puerto Rico at.

His nickname Bad Bunny comes from his angry face with the bunny costume he wore to school. Although he was quite shy in class, he often composed freestyle rap songs to entertain his friends and gradually became popular at school.

Vega Baja is where he was born. It is a small place; however, he still tries to spread his love of music to everyone in Puerto Rico at Arecibo.


In 2016, Bad Bunny uploaded his song on SoundCloud while not belonging to any entertainment company, even though he worked as a bagmaker. Yet, a surprise happened when the song “Diles” created an intense attraction for DJ Luian in Puerto Rico at Arecibo. 

After his first mark on the market, he followed the momentum and moved on, creating numerous new works of art and milestones, topping several categories in the hot Latin songs chart. 

Furthermore, Bad Bunny took with Latin American Marketing and Advertising agency CMN in 2017. In July of the same year, he collaborated with Becky G for the single “Mayores”.

In November of the same year, Bad Bunny could host Latin trap Kingz in his native language on Beats 1.

Songs & Album

Songs & Album

Songs & Album

Bad Bunny had many successful works in 2017, such as Sensualidad and Loco Pero Millonario. His single “I Like It,” released in 2018, was also nominated for a Grammy Award.

In 2018, on Christmas Eve, he released his first one, X 100PRE. Quickly, it got to the top one on Billboard’s Latin chart. X 100PRE also received the Latin Grammy Award for the best urban music album. 

It proves Bad Bunny’s ability in many musical genres, allowing him to transform and show his talent in Puerto Rico.

In 2019, he teamed up with Colombian and star J Balvin to release a collaborative EP called Oasis. Continuing the success of X 100PRE, Oasis got the Grammy for Latin, Urban, and best urban music album.

At Super Bowl 2020, he performed with Shakira, J Balvin, and

Lopez. On Leap Day, he released his perfect album, YHLQMDLG. It was number two of the 200 in Puerto Rico.

It also is an award for Pop/Urban Latin Album, dubbed “Grammy gringo” by Bad Bunny.

In 2020, another bad bunny’s album from this rapper, with 10 songs, Las No a Salir, was released. After that year, his perfect “Dakiti” topped the charts.

At the end of 2020, El Último Tour del Mundo, the third bad bunny’s album of the year, came out. It became the Spanish album to reach number one on the hot Latin songs chart.

In December 2020, Spotify announced the bad bunny raps as an artist for one year with over 8 billion streams

Fashion & Styles

Fashion & Styles

Fashion & Styles

Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” is a Bad Bunny record title, “I do whenever I like.” Indeed, he did whatever he wanted, both in music and fashion in Puerto Rico.

From a young age, while living in the house in Vega Baja with his parents, he always tried to stand out and get bad bunny gained popularity. Skateboarders’ favorite knee-high shorts and flamboyantly patterned shirts were always his favorites. A rather liberal combination of the hip-hop baggier style was popular.

He shared that when his father looked at him in that outfit, his father asked:

“Are you going out?” He recalls. “Daddy Yankee has supported me.”

This rapper never limits his fashion sense. Despite everyone’s disagreements and discussions, he painted his nails and wore brightly colored shirts, dresses, and scissors, despite everyone’s disagreements and arguments at hot Latin songs chart and Latin American trap scene.

It can be that, in addition to his ability to compose and sing, he is also famous for his unique fashion sense and design ability. He has hand-crafted a series of Crocs that can glow in the dark. And these shoes were quickly sold out in the market within a short time of release.


Bad Bunny’s personality is expressed a lot through his songs and his fashion style. Bad Bunny is an outspoken person, ready to communicate and speak up to defend his views and opinions.

He is the one who led protests calling for the island to resign because of his attitudes toward sexuality and gender. He has praised women who don’t shave their bodies and are proud and love themselves on his social media pages. He also criticized a nail salon in Spain for barring him from entering.

“Homophobia in the day or age?” Bad Bunny tweeted.

His songs also share their fair share of female models in bikinis, and he also writes songs about domestic violence. In particular, his music videos often feature restricted faces, including gay couples, transgender women, and people with disabilities with hot latin songs chart.

When asked if he was gay, Bad Bunny replied: “In the final of the day, I don’t wonder if in the 30 years I’ll take a man.” Life is never known. But now I’m sexual, and I want women.”

Not only are they true art-maker and lovers, but Bad Bunny also conducts many community projects, helping disadvantaged people. Specifically, he did a fundraiser to perform a heart transplant surgery on a boy in January 2018. The artist himself also contributed $100,000 from bad bunny released music account.

One interesting thing if you look at Bad Bunny, you might not have guessed is that Bad Bunny is a huge fan of wrestling. Therefore, he has shared wrestling content on his personal Instagram account as a hobby. 

It caught the interest of Ronda Rousey and Goldberg, who are famous in WWE. A point not to be missed is that Bad Bunny also created a surprise with the appearance of WWE legend Ric Flair in his MV.


Why is it called a Bad Bunny?

As a child, Bad Bunny released the bunny suit to school. With a special moment, when choosing his stage name, he decided on Bad Bunny, and this stage name has followed him until now.

He is not an ugly rabbit but a talented and shining artist in the art world. Bad Bunny is loved by fans for his musical talent and his generous personality, living to the fullest and helping everyone understand their worth and love themselves.

What is Bad Bunny’s most famous song?

The top 10 most popular songs of Bad Bunny are Callaíta, Ni Bien Ni Mal, La Canción, Solo De Mi, No Me Conoce (Remix),Que Pretendes, Mia, Te Bote (Remix), Amorf-da. I Like It. Many songs have been nominated for Grammys and ranked high in many charts in many countries.

How did Bad Bunny become famous?

Bad Bunny released constantly cultivated his musical abilities and developed himself since he was a child. Since his childhood, he had had a passion for music when his mother took him to church.

Although shy, he is always the one to sing the rap pieces he composed himself to keep his classmates in a cheerful state.

In particular, even though he lives in Vega Baja, a rural area in Spain far from the center, he has never had any intention of giving up on his dream.

Bad Bunny released himself, and he will be whatever he wants to be. He also always fights against the injustices of society.

All of those things can be a reason for you to love and admire Bad Bunny. All of that may well be why Bad Bunny became so popular.

How many #1 Billboard does Bad Bunny have?

Since 1986, Bad Bunny released a total of 117 works. 

Accordingly, 44 songs entered the top 10, and 9 topped the charts. In particular, the song “Dakiti” has led a total of 27 weeks, the fourth-longest after “Despacito” (56 weeks), “Bailando” (41), and “El Perdón” (30).

Bad Bunny has been the artist with the most entries on the chart since 1986. It proves the tireless efforts of this talented artist.

What does the Bad Bunny logo mean?

As mentioned above, Bad Bunny is the name that comes from his childhood with rabbits. The Bad Bunny logo means a lot to him because of its association.

Choosing such a Bad Bunny logo also helps him position his brand better. The simple and friendly logo makes everyone from children to adults love to look at it because rabbits are extremely cute animals.

The image of a cute and lovely rabbit is his logo symbol, but in it is a powerful artist who burns with all his heart no matter how many barriers he encounters. He will always express himself and do whatever he wants.


Bad Bunny is not a cute white rabbit but an artist full of talent, passion, and inner strength. He never set a limit for himself to get in the way and stopped trying. He lived his life to the fullest and defended what he thought was right.

Besides his lively musical talent, Bad Bunny has become one of the best artists in the hearts of fans. He has spread love to everyone through his meaningful and emotional lyrics.

If you are a big fan and have more specific information, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Finally, don’t forget to share this article with your relatives or friends who are huge fans of this male rapper.

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