The reasons why we love the Bad Bunny makeup line


Celebrities and series break taboos and cause the consumption of decorative cosmetic items, such as nail polish and eyeliner, to skyrocket among men. 

Forget everything you have been taught so far. Also, that pink is for her and blue for him. Any. Neither colors, smell, nor infinite other things understand gender. They are empty myths that are part of a past full of conventions. Men also cry, are loaded with complexes, and paint themselves. Bad Bunny uses makeup bases, lipstick, eyeliner eyes, and nail polish. If he does it, why don’t you? That’s some information we will share about the Bad Bunny makeup line.

1. Bad Bunny makeup line and the “boom” for men: These are the best-selling products

Although sometimes we forget that we are not the continent but the content, the demand for nail polish by men has tripled in the last year, according to a study by the Idealo price comparison site. The aesthetics of the Euphoria series (HBO Max); the self-confidence of thousands of influencers on Instagram and TikTok; and even the fact that a soccer player like Borja Iglesias poses in the nets with painted nails; helps normalize makeup among young men. Bad Bunny makeup line will meet their demand.

1.1. Genderless

Today, ‘virtually all makeup brands have specific products for men or that are equally suitable for both sexes,’ says professional makeup artist Regina Capdevila, referring to the lines of firms such as L’Oréal, Givenchy and Clinique, among others. ‘Many more boys indeed come to buy nail polish in our stores, but the product is still very focused on the female audience,’ disagrees the manager of a Druni store about the variety of cosmetic items for men.



Generation Z youths “don’t need a product to be branded masculine. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it’s for women or men because the genders are not assigned a color. More and more men are starring in the advertising campaigns of make-up brands to make them understand that both genders can use the products’, explains the make-up artist and professor of the Master’s Degree in Fashion Design at the IDEP University of Barcelona, ​​Txomin Plazaola, who believes that genderless fashion – the new unisex – has taken hold. Although the market has been in charge of gendering consumer goods, ‘makeup products don’t have it, as long as it feels good on your skin…’, points out the manager of the Primor store on Calle de Pelayo de la Barcelona.

1.2. Best-selling Bad Bunny makeup line 

Nail polish, concealers, foundations, lipstick, and eyelash serum are the five Bad Bunny makeup line most in demand by men, according to Idealo, information corroborated by experts. “Nail lacquer is the star product. With polka dots, stars, lines, and bright colors. It still shocks us that a boy has pastel lilac nails and is heterosexual. Still, it is becoming increasingly visible, ” explains Plazaola, who assures that the Euphoria aesthetic has marked a makeup in which metallic glitter, eyeliners in fluorescent colors, and glitter.

“Above all, they take nail lacquer, eyeliners and some foundation or moisturizing cream with color”, they point out from Primor, where they have some of these products for just over 1 euro. Ultimately, they want something that works for them at an affordable price, and very few are looking for high-end makeup. Some opt for a more fundamental and natural makeup, “and choose concealers and bases to cover and camouflage silhouettes, dark circles or a pimple. It is understandable”, explains Capdevila.

1.3. Low-cost brands for a new generation

The new generations have much fewer complexes. They investigate, try Bad Bunny makeup line to express themselves. The younger the audience, the lower their purchasing power, so they will not buy you make-up from Chanel, Dior, or Charlotte Tilbury.

low cost brands for a new generation

low cost brands for a new generation

According to this expert, there are firms explicitly created for this audience, such as Krash Kosmetics, the first genderless makeup brand in Spain. ‘Young people opt for low-cost brands and stores like Primor or Druni,’ says Plazaola, referring to Kiko Cosmetics, Revolution Beauty, NYX, and other influencer brands that launch their lines and sell through social networks. Generation Z ‘looks for an affordable price and is not represented in an Andy MacDowell from L’Oréal,’ says the professor.

2. 5 trendy makeup styles to go to the Bad Bunny concert

We will take you to the Bad Bunny concert with a companion. You must buy your favorite products in our stores and register your details on our website.

We have a plan for you if you are looking for a chance to produce spectacular looks! Music festivals are the perfect spaces to express our personality without limits. So much so that the makeup to go to a concert turns out to be more of a protagonist… than the music itself.

So dust off your brightest eye shadows and those vibrant makeup products in your makeup bag, and get ready to create a concert-ready look. Remember that this is the opportunity to try other color palettes you would not use on a typical day. Here are some tips to get started.

makeup styles to go to the bad bunny concert

makeup styles to go to the bad bunny concert

Makeup tips for creating an explosive look:

  • Change your classic earth tone and matte shadows for ones with a lot of glitter and vibrant colors.
  • Since it’s about experimenting, don’t be afraid to create intense makeup. Please choose a color you know suits you and exaggerate it in every detail!
  • If you don’t like exaggerated makeup, you can try the same colors in more discreet applications. A tear duct is an option and a very current trend.
  • Don’t forget the eyeliner. You can make it longer than usual for a more dramatic look.
  • Glitter is essential to achieve good makeup for a concert or music festival. Use it where you would typically apply a highlighter, and you will see a significant change in the expression on your face.
  • Finish with a blunt color on your lips. Contrast it with what you wear in your eyes and with your outfit.
  • Use a long-lasting creamy base, so your makeup stays fresh throughout the night. 

2.1. Glitter eyes

As we already mentioned, this is essential to achieve makeup at the height of alternative concerts. Be careful. It is not about filling yourself with glitter everywhere but highlighting the colors of the shadows you chose for your look.

Use it on the tear duct or mobile eyelid, just enough to keep you comfortable the rest of the night. If the colors have similar shades, you can create a multidimensional effect in your eyes. Complement the makeup to go to a concert with a very juicy lip gloss.

2.2. Iridescent effect

What this effect seeks is to reflect different colors in your makeup. For this, use biochromatic and holographic shadows, illuminators, and glitters. You will see how the hue changes depending on the angle you are going and the amount of light you receive. Pick your favorite base color and go for it.

iridescent effect

iridescent effect

2.3. Neon tones

A classic! Make sure you always have an eyeshadow palette with these rumba colors during the music festival season. Start by using them in small areas of the eyes, and you will see the energy that it brings to your eyes. The combinations are endless, and you will achieve a vibrant look. Finish off with a lash that achieves an extra-long effect to achieve a striking look.

2.4. Pastel colors

If you want striking makeup, but not so daring, these are your colors. You can use them all over the eyelid or create a gradient. Although they are softer colors, they are out of our daily tones. Here the blush can be a little stronger, and lip tint with a matte finish to balance the rest of the makeup.

2.5. Accessories

Yes, your eyes can be accessorized too! We are talking about small stones you can put along the eyeliner to lengthen your look. If you want a slightly edgy look, why not let the stones extend to your forehead or cheeks? Remember to create a balance, so you don’t go overboard and look too much.



3. How was the third eye worn by Bad Bunny at the American Music Awards created?

Puerto Rican ragpicker Benito Martínez, known as Bad Bunny, never fails to impress with his street style and to break the standards of fashion and even beauty. For the 2018 American Music Awards red carpet, the well-known musician chose a skull-print shirt, striped pants, and lip-shaped glasses, which are very much in keeping with the artist’s typical style. But what caused a stir on social networks was the third eye that he wore made up on his forehead.

Whether it’s defending pubic hair in a series of Instagram Stories or posting his painted nails, the artist always makes it clear that he never follows society’s rules on how to look.

Even though Bad Bunny ‘got up happy,’ he didn’t wake up with a third eye. Puerto Rican makeup artist created the makeup, Ingrid Rivera, who gave us an exclusive account of what it was like to work with the artist and what she used to achieve the look that was possibly inspired by the one on the Gucci Fall 2018 runway.


Bad Bunny makeup line – He enjoys it, it’s part of his character, the artist in him. Instead of being serious, he enjoyed it. If you take part in the concert of Bad Bunny, let’s ready to take a risk and try a makeup to go to a concert with which you will attract all eyes. There is no better sign of self-love than creating your looks without fear of expressing yourself. Want to buy some Bad Bunny merch, visit our shop.

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