Bad Bunny necklace – One of his 5 style must-haves

bad bunny necklace

It’s a mystery how Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio got his name. While the world knows him as the cocky and arrogant Bad Bunny to his friends and peers, he is still just Benito, a 28-year-old musician who loves wrestling and enjoys video games and basketball. The musician has a modest demeanor that contrasts sharply with his outward display of glitz and his assured renditions of reggaeton, which have twice earned him the distinction of Spotify’s most played artist of the year. Bad Bunny’s sense of style, in which he challenges stereotypical notions of masculinity held by Puerto Ricans. This is particularly clear in the Bad Bunny necklace. 

1. Bad Bunny and his five style essentials

Bad Bunny’s style and why wear it? Before judging ourselves, we must tell you that male clothing has always been much more reserved and straightforward than women’s. The aspect that does not have any negative connotation since centuries ago, the English dandys established the rules of sobriety that should apply to all gentlemen.

Today, the vast majority of these rules are still respected by men; wear a suit with the correct fit, a shirt that stands out for its neatness, and accessories that stand out for their discretion. But there are also those revolutionaries who have decided to challenge the masculine standard and opt for a much more avant-garde style – just as Bowie did decades ago. Today we believe that Benito Martínez, better known as Bad Bunny, is a worthy representative of the new canons of men’s fashion. Trendy accessories, an unusual haircut, and an aesthetic that seems to have been created by a unique stylist. Next, we tell you the five must-sees of this trap music singer.

1.1. Bad Bunny necklace

Hip-hop singers originally became known for having a ‘businessman’ look. They emphasized it when they wore suits with the perfect fit and many gold chains that seemed to bend their necks. 

bad bunny necklace

bad bunny necklace

Now, the Bad Bunny necklace has gone one step further, leaving gold and welcoming diamonds aside. Rings, chains, necklaces, and earrings have been proven.

1.2. Bad Bunny nail

One of the reasons why we decided to make an exclusive note on Bad Bunny’s style is because he dares to take risks and open new paths in the masculine image – an aspect that other singers do not do. A clear example to demonstrate this is the male nail polish. Mia’s interpreter paints his nails and wears them in an unconventional length and with decorations (uncommon in the male sphere). And the best of all? He looks great! Without a doubt, a trend that only the bravest and most uninhibited will dare to adopt.

1.3. Bad Bunny hair

Bad Bunny knew how to reinvent the classic buzz-cut that English skinheads made fashionable in those 60s. Wearing almost straight hair, he settled for a gradient on the sides and included lightning designs, triangles, or circles above your head. Indeed her barber must have unique expertise -and an enviable pulse- when making these perfect designs.

1.4. Bad Bunny mask

bad bunny mask

bad bunny mask

Taking Japanese culture as a reference, those who use the mask for a matter of hygiene towards others, Bad Bunny took it up again as an iconic accessory in his clothing. Whether combined perfectly with her outfit –like this one in black- or as a color accent, the addition of medical origin has shown us that it also looks great for fashion, especially if we are talking about trap singers.

1.5. Bad Bunny glasses

Whether it’s Prada’s Ultravox, Gucci’s Blind for Love, or Dior’s visors, dark glasses -instead iridescent- are another hallmark of the Callaíta interpreter. They seem to be the inseparable accessory of the singer, where it is most likely that we will find him wearing glasses during a red carpet, awards ceremony, or concerts. The key? The more extravagant and colorful, the better!

2. Admire the Bad Bunny necklace he posts on Instagram

Bad Bunny has boasted on his Instagram account of two pendants that have a price of five figures.

We have to talk about the last photo that Bad Bunny uploaded to his official Instagram profile. We have to talk about those gym obliques, the result of training very hard to, together with Damien Priest, beat The Miz and John Morrison in the thirty-seventh installment of WrestleMania -because yes, in addition to being an artist, Benito has become a fighter. The crop top reveals those same obliques, reminding us a lot of Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Incidentally, the raised toilet bowl that slips into the snapshot proves that the bad rabbit is as human as we are.

admire the bad bunny necklace he posts on instagram

admire the bad bunny necklace he posts on instagram

In this publication, we could also emphasize the pendants with which Bad Bunny surrounds his neck. In black and gold, one with a circular medallion and the other with a square silhouette, they could be a couple of accessories to complete the look. Well, forget about that ‘just’: the price of each Bad Bunny necklace has five figures. More than jewelry, these pendants are an heirloom to keep in a safe.

And what is so special about these Bad Bunny necklace to cost more than a vacation in the Azores Islands? On the one hand, they are signed by Louis Vuitton, and, you know, luxury adds points and euros. On the other hand, belonging to the French Maison’s B Blossom women’s collection, they represent exquisite jewelry: both models are crafted in 18-carat white and yellow gold and feature a medallion with diamonds set in polished black onyx.

The round medallion Bad Bunny necklace is available on the official Louis Vuitton website for 13,900 euros. Although the exact model of the square medallion necklace is not currently available in the French firm’s online boutique, its version in white mother-of-pearl costs 14,900 euros. As for a crop top, obliques, and a toilet bowl to steal the spotlight.

3. Eight facts about the life of luxury of Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny lives in opulence and has unusual tastes. These are some of his biggest outgoings because his popularity has made him one of the most extravagant singers in the world.

3.1. He has spent a fortune on jewelry

he has spent a fortune on jewelry

he has spent a fortune on jewelry

This Latin trap singer has spent around half a million dollars on jewelry. His extensive collection of diamond-encrusted gold Bad Bunny necklace, rings, and bracelets can be seen through his Instagram account.

3.2. His outfits for the awards

This singer has worn suits of various styles, but many know that his favorites are the Gucci. The cheapest suit he had ever seen cost $5,000.

3.3. How he celebrated with his followers on Instagram

This rag picker celebrated reaching 4 million followers on Instagram by buying a diamond crown ring. According to estimates, this jewel is worth $10,000.

3.4. He has the unique cars in the world

He has the unique cars in the world

He has the unique cars in the world

This singer confessed to being a Ferrari fan, so he has several cars of this brand. The cheapest of his cars is worth about 10 million dollars. The singer, who adores the Italian company, utilized his automobile for the “Te gusto” music video. In addition, he owns a 1964 Pontiac GTO and a Mercedes Benz G-Class.

3.5. His teeth are worth thousands

Bad Bunny commissioned a jewelry specialist to make him gold and diamond-plated dental plaque. This has a cost of 100,000 dollars.

3.6. His own plane

He has a private plane with all the luxuries for his long world tours. She has bragged about this plane on more than one occasion on his Instagram account.

3.7. Use the most expensive clothes in his videos

use the most expensive clothes in his videos

use the most expensive clothes in his videos

This famous Puerto Rican wears clothes in his videos from the Supreme, Louis Viton, Gucci, and Rolex brands. The cheapest piece of clothing this singer has ever worn was a $500 pair of glasses, which is way too much money for a pair of glasses.

3.8. Carry a lot of cash

For this celebrity, carrying thousands of dollars in cash is normal. From an interview in People magazine, it was learned that she loves to have between 10,000 and 50,000 dollars money in her fanny pack to spend as she pleases.


Bad Bunny has a strong sense of self because he challenges traditional Puerto Rican notions of masculinity in his attire and style. The celebrity is frequently spotted with press-on nails, hair accessories, and his trademark, cooler-than-you sunglasses.

He has no restrictions because he enjoys accessorizing and putting on beautiful looks. In the future, he plans to work on various projects and collaborations. There is a lot to learn as he just started in the fashion sector.

Through his music videos, which are remarkable works of art in and of themselves, Bad Bunny exhibits his varied flair. No matter what he does, Bad Bunny does it for himself, whether wearing a Bad Bunny necklace, performing while wearing a skirt, or standing up for what he believes in. If you’re thinking of purchasing Bad Bunny merch, visit our online store.

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