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Bad Bunny is the composer of many hits on the Hot Latin Songs chart. Thanks to his parents, his talent and passion for music have formed from his very early life.

Bad Bunny parents have a lot of influence on his lifestyle and career. Just like us, he loves his family and sees them as a great motivation. 

Today, we will share some information about his family, personal life, and some interesting facts. Let’s read on to discover! 

Who Are Bad Bunny Parents? 

Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, widely known as Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican musician, singer, actor, producer, and professional wrestler. 

He sang his first song in a middle school talent show, a version of Juane’s song Mala Gente. He also got his stage name around this era. 

The artist has been in the music business for only a few years, but his brilliant rhythmic melodies have already charmed many fans around the world.

How can he form his passion so soon? We must relate the answer to his parents, who raised him and allowed him to live in a music environment. 


His father worked as a truck driver for a living. He tried his best to pay the bills, but the Bad Bunny family was still poor.

They lived in a small house in Almirante Sur. Despite the poverty, they got along well with each other. Bad Bunny softly called his father: papi. 

Mr. Martínez Ocasio usually listens to the radio and is delighted whenever he hears his talented son’s songs.

According to Bad Bunny, his father enjoyed turning up the volume and listening to his music with a big smile and an open heart. 


Bad Bunny’s mother was a school teacher. She was a religious woman who raised her kid to be a spiritual person along with his academic education.

She took little Bad Bunny to church when he noticed his musical talent for the first time. A church choir invited him to sing. 

Bad Bunny was a singer in the choir for several years before leaving at the age of thirteen. However, he continued to practice music and listened to his favorite artists, like Tego Calderón and Daddy Yankee. 

Since he was five years old, he had been sure that he would be a singer. He raised his passion from then. 

How did parents influence the rapper? 

Because his family influenced him as a child, Bad Bunny has spent his entire life immersed in music.

According to the rapper, his family didn’t have a lot of wealth growing up, but they did have a strong passion for music.

His mother encouraged him to join the church choir when he was a child, which affected his life significantly. 

After a decade, we can be certain that Bad Bunny’s parents are very proud of their record-breaking child, who also received his first “gringo” Grammy for Best Latin Pop in 2021. 

Mother Family Children People Kid Walking Father

Mother Family Children People Kid Walking Father

Does Bad Bunny Have Any Siblings? 

The Latin trap rapper is the oldest of three sons, and he occasionally posts throwbacks of his family before his world-tour days.

Bad Bunny’s siblings don’t follow in his musical path. Lately, Bernie made a guest appearance in his music video for “Yo Visto As.”

Meanwhile, Bysael, who graduated from the Beltrán Baseball Academy, is following a baseball career.

Bernie Martínez Ocasio 

Birth year: 1997

Bad Bunny gets along well with his younger sibling Bernie, who is now 21 years old. Both of them are slim and tall, yet they look alike.

Bernie works with his brother, assisting him on tours, concerts and organizing his workflow. 

Bysael Martínez Ocasio

Birth year: 2002

Child Park Boys Caucasian Two Brothers Childhood

Child Park Boys Caucasian Two Brothers Childhood

Bysael is the family’s youngest son. He is 16 years old and still in school. Unlike his brother with a passion for music, Bysael is good at sports. 

Bysael loves baseball and is a member of this school team. He wants to become a professional baseball player in the future.

Bad Bunny’s Family Background 

Families have a big impact on our lives. How about Bad Bunny? Thankfully, although they lived in poverty, they didn’t discourage Benito from pursuing his dream. 

We will walk you through important aspects of the rapper’s life. You can notice his family’s influence on every aspect. 


Bad Bunny is a worldwide famous Puerto Rican reggaeton and trap performer. Many singers and journalists see him as the best trap artist of his time.

Although his songs are mostly in Spanish or Latin, world-renowned performers such as Enrique Iglesias have included Bad Bunny in their playlists. 

His musical career began when he started to produce his own tracks in FL Studio. He also wrote the lyrics for the songs, which he later uploaded on several digital platforms.

At the beginning of his career, Bad Bunny encountered a lot of hardship. Luckily, his family always stood by him and supported him. 

He slowly built up expectations and a high level of receptivity among the audience.

When DJ Luian of “Hear This Music” saw his song “Diles,” he became well-known as a trap artist.

Bad Bunny quickly gained recognition and began working with other famous artists such as Daddy Yankee, Nicki Minaj, and Nicky Jam.

Bad Bunny decided on his career from a young age

Bad Bunny decided on his career from a young age

Early life 

Benito grew up in Puerto Rico. Living alongside his brothers, his mother would teach him Latin music, salsa, and even ballads.

Benito used songs to keep himself away from the streets, choosing to spend time at home with his siblings rather than on the streets with his buddies.

Bad Bunny experienced childhood in the Catholic Church and sang in the choir until he turned thirteen years old.

He had a childhood friend named DJ Orma, who now joins him on tour. According to Orma, Bad Bunny was a really funny and open-minded teen.

With his melody and lyrics, the rapper delighted his friend and other classmates. He could effortlessly rhyme at any time.

In the “Estamos Bien” music video, you may notice the three men riding in his car. All of them are the rapper’s childhood friends. 

The rapper studied audiovisual communication at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo. However, he dropped his schooling to concentrate completely on his singing career.

He began working as a bagger at a nearby grocery to help pay for his expenses. He was also working on making music at the same time.

He had a part-time job to nurture his dream

He had a part-time job to nurture his dream

Dating status 

The talented artist is dating Gabriela Berlingeri, a jewelry designer. He never tried to conceal his girlfriend for the sake of fame.

He shared short videos on TikTok. The clip starts with him drinking coffee and then switches to New Year’s Eve.

Gabriela enters the scene with a champagne glass in her hand. The two exchanged kisses while wearing “2022” glasses.

Their relationship lasted for four years. The rapper revealed that they first met at a dinner in 2017.

They met up a few times after the dinner and became a couple after realizing they had many things in common. 

They spent the quarantine together. The rapper claimed that after that time, he truly knew how important she was to him. 

Personal life 

Bad Bunny launched a campaign to save a young boy in January 2018. He used his reputation to raise money for the kid who needed a heart transplant. The rapper donated $100,000 to this campaign. 

Wrestling is Bad Bunny’s favorite sport. You can see a lot of wrestling-related photographs and videos on his Instagram feed.

He’s shared numerous photos with WWE legends like Goldberg and Ronda Rousey. One of his videos features the legend Ric Flair.

Bad Bunny is a huge fan of wrestling

Bad Bunny is a huge fan of wrestling

Does Bad Bunny Have Kids? 

The rapper doesn’t have any kids. Despite his four-year relationship with his girlfriend, they are still dating, not engaged or married. 

There were some clues that they were engaging. In August 2021, for example, fans noticed Gabriel wearing a huge diamond on her ring finger.

Benito even tried to zoom in on her ring in a clip she posted on her social networking site. 

When the rapper was shooting an advertisement in Los Angeles, people noticed he was wearing a wedding band.

However, the rapper confirmed their engagement and even marriage rumors, stating that they are not engaged or married.

Their four-year relationship is still going strong and happy, with supporters hoping for a happy ending.

Couple Dancing Sunset Loving Spinning Love Beach

Couple Dancing Sunset Loving Spinning Love Beach

Interesting Facts About Bad Bunny 

Aside from his records in the Hot Latin Songs chart, some other fun facts about Bad Bunny may interest you. 

As a huge fan, you should be aware of the following information to find out what your idol cares about. 


Bad Bunny is a native of Puerto Rico. He grew up in the Vega Baja neighborhood of Almirante Sur. His father worked as a truck driver, while his mom was a school teacher. 

His stage name

The rapper called himself Bad Bunny after an occasion when his friends asked him to put on a bunny costume when he was a child. The picture taken showed that he looked upset and angry.  

“X 100PRE” album

X 100PRE is a Spanish term for “Por siempre.” It literally means “forever” in English. He released this album on December 24th, 2018.

Trans ally 

The artist is a trans ally in addition to using his influence to fight homophobia.

He wore a skirt and a blouse that stated, “They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt” for his performance in February 2020.  

Alexa was a transgender woman from Puerto Rico who was murdered immediately after pictures of her being interrogated by police for using a female’s public restroom hit the internet.

Bad Bunny has been fighting against homophobia

Bad Bunny has been fighting against homophobia


Bad Bunny is well known for his buzz cut, in which he dyes bright colors. He has, nevertheless, recently begun to grow out his inherent curly hair. 


Bad Bunny frequently criticizes the music business for homophobia and adds queer people in his videos. 

In 2019, a man kissed him in his “Caro.” Many fans assumed he was gay or bisexual as a result of this.

Bad Bunny, on the other hand, has never identified his sexuality. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he stated that his gender is fluid.

It did not define him, he stated. At the end of the day, he didn’t know if he would like a man in the next 20 years. Life is unpredictable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There is so much information about Bad Bunny that will surprise you. Let’s check the following questions to discover more! 

1. Is Bad Bunny rich?

Bad Bunny has experienced a rapid rise in popularity in a relatively short amount of time. His net worth is $18 million. 

The artist was the most-streamed musician in the world in 2020, with his songs being played 8 billion times. 

2. How old is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny was born on March 10th, 1994, and is 28 years old as of 2022. 

3. Does Bad Bunny have a wife and kids?

Now, the rapper doesn’t have any children, but he has been in a four-year relationship with a jewelry designer, Girlfriend Gabriela.

4. Is Bad Bunny a millionaire?

Bad Bunny has a net worth of $18 million, making him a millionaire. He is the most popular mumble rap singer in Latin America, and he continues to perform at high-profile events. 

5. Was Bad Bunny born rich?

Bad Bunny was not born rich, and neither were his parents. The rapper worked as a bagger at a supermarket throughout college and released his first tape on SoundCloud in 2016.

After hearing “Diles,” DJ Lucian found the musician and signed him to his “Hear this Music” brand.

6. What are the awards and achievements that Bad Bunny has gained? 

With his talents, Bad Bunny can win a lot of awards, earning popularity and recognition from the public. Whenever Bad Bunny releases new songs, they will surely appear on the Hot Latin Songs chart. 

Here are some of his achievements: 

  • In 2021: Best Latin Pop or Urban Album in Grammy Awards, Video of the Year in MTV Millennial Awards, Album of the Year in Latin American Music Awards, etc.
  • In 2020: Favorite Album in American Music Awards, Songwriter of the Year in ASCAP Latin Awards, Top Latin Album of the Year in Billboard Latin Music Awards, etc. 
  • In 2019: Hot Latin Song of the Year in Billboard Latin Music Awards, Top Latin Song in Billboard Music Awards, Latin Artist of the Year in iHeartRadio Music Awards, etc.
  • In 2018: Favorite Song in Latin American Music Awards, Song of Summer in MTV Video Music Awards, etc. 

The rapper from Puerto Rico has received numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards, 8 Billboard Music Awards, 4 Latin Grammy Awards, 2 American Music Awards, 1 MTV Video Music Award, and 13 Premios Lo Nuestro.   

Closing Words

Bad Bunny parents are not artists, but they support him in following his ambitions and doing whatever he wants. 

His passion started from a very young age. Whenever you listen to Bad Bunny’s music, you will also notice the hidden message he conveys. 

Hopefully, the post has helped you understand more about this talented rapper. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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