Top 5 Bad Bunny sneakers until 2022

the first cafe

As of the date this article was written, Bad Bunny surpassed musicians like Taylor Swift and The Weekend as the most-listened-to artist globally on services like Spotify. It was foreseen that stardom would force him to collaborate with leading sneaker labels like Adidas, whose debuts have been so successful that they sell out too rapidly. One of the musicians that has generated the greatest controversy in recent years is Bad Bunny. We’ve put together a list of the top Bad Bunny sneakers up till 2022 because of how influential their wrath has been.

1. A long-term partnership between Bad Bunny and Adidas

Since 2021, Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican rapper better known by his stage name, has been producing footwear for Adidas. Beginning in January of last year, the 28-year-old reggaeton artist and Adidas announced their upcoming “long-term alliance,” which will involve working on various joint initiatives and product releases over the ensuing seasons.

The Adidas Forum Low is the only silhouette the partnership has produced. Adidas partners Beyoncé and Kerwin Frost have also reimagined the sneakers, distinguished by a buckle-laces crossover and thick construction.

a long term partnership

a long term partnership

Each new pair of sneakers has sold out quickly. The shoes promptly sold out after going on sale, and Bunny not only impressed hypebeasts but even celebrities like self-professed sneakerhead Bella Hadid, who proudly owns a pair.

2. Top 7 Bad Bunny sneakers collaborative Adidas

2.1. Benito

Benito, born The “Benito,” the rapper Antonio Martnez Ocasio’s reimagining of Adidas’ Forum Powerphase shoe, which made its debut in 1984, has been presented as his upcoming model. Benito, Bunny’s real name, is displayed above the recognized Adidas three-stripe logo on the side of the sneaker. Along with black and other colors of pink, blue, and orange, the “Benito” has several tones of brown.

Different colors and materials can be seen throughout the shoe’s top half. Compared to smooth leather shoes, their layered construction produces a coarser surface. This sneaker features all of the co-brandings that was previously present on Bad Bunny sneakers, but this time the reggaeton singer’s birth name is also displayed, with his name BENITO being seen right next to the three stripes on the midfoot.

2.2. Forum Buckle Low

2.2.1. Forum Buckle Low “Easter Egg”

The second time the Puerto Rican rapper and Adidas have teamed up on a retro basketball shoe is with the Bad Bunny x Adidas Forum Buckle Low “Easter Egg.” This style is so well-liked that it rapidly sold out on the official websites.

easter egg

easter egg

Easter is shown in pastel tones in this pink “Easter Eggs” painting. On the forefoot, toe box, collar, and heel, there are panels made of a blend of suede and leather that are various shades of pink. Pink-orange suede that matches the color of the suede on the side of the heel is used to finalize the Forum’s characteristic three-stripe logo.

These shoes have a lovely pink leather texture on the sole. The two overlapping tabs can be switched out, giving the design flexibility. A pink nylon ankle strap with the embroidery “YO VISTO AS” is attached beneath the strap.

2.2.2. Forum Buckle Low Sneaker “The First Café” 

The first pair of Adidas sneakers made in collaboration with Bad Bunny sneakers feature the First Café design, which, according to the young designer, is inspired by how he feels after drinking his first cup of coffee in the morning because it is so important to your daily routine.

the first cafe

the first cafe

The sneaker, dubbed “The First Café,” pays homage to the morning brew the artist frequently has. The Forum from Bad Bunny features a primarily brown leather upper with suede overlays and a distinctive buckle configuration at the midfoot.

2.2.3. Forum Buckle Low “Blue Tint”

This time, the duo worked together to create the leather and suede-mixed Adidas Forum Buckle Low sneakers in Blue Tint. The double-stacked tongue and outsole contain Bad Bunny branding, while the trademark midfoot buckle is present in black. Adidas also claims that you may change the laces to emphasize the color; there are three options.

Wearing a color pattern of Blue Tint, Light Blue, and Clear Blue. This version of the Adidas Forum Low is made of a combination of leather and suede and is colored blue. Additionally, it has the third eye of Bad Bunny on its double-layered tongues, strong duty buckles, and bunny logo on the outsole’s translucent circle.

2.2.4. Forum Buckle Low “Back to school”

Another successful partnership between the young musician and Adidas is represented by the release of the Bad Bunny sneakers Back to School. The artist’s black youth-era shoes served as the basis for the Bad Bunny sneakers “Back to School” design. They come in a variety of subdued colors and feature leather accents. However, white accents subtly contrast the laces, Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio tongue marks, and the rear lever system.

back to school

back to school

It has a leather and suede upper, tonal makeup, and an all-black color scheme. Oliveras is pictured posing in front of an eight ball while wearing the shoes, hinting at the likely source of inspiration, suggesting that the pair may once more use a thematic approach. The motivation for the most recent style is presently unknown.

While maintaining the familiar Forum design, the new Bad Bunny Forum Back to School sneaker redefines a few elements. The shoe will come in a triple black hue with a premium leather upper, suede overlays, and buckle closure to enable individual expression. The design will also have polka-dot laces, co-branded sock liners, and a prominent Bad Bunny’s emblem in bright yellow on the outsole, differentiating it from earlier releases and marketing it to kids.

2.3. Forum Powerphase

The Bad Bunny sneakers Forum Powerphase is a hybrid model that combines elements of both the Forum and the Powerphase. The shoe also contains twin tongues, heel tabs, and other critical components from earlier Bad Bunny x Adidas sneakers. The tongue tag is embellished with an eye-shaped emblem. Benito, the rapper from Puerto Rico, is also given his first name on the lateral side.

Bad Bunny and Adidas fans have taken notice of these sneakers featuring the rapper. The upper of the Forum Powerphase, which has a retro 1987 console design, gives the shoe its distinctive look. The sneakers are constructed on a traditional one-piece sole that has been available since 1984. The top half of the collaboration is available in several materials and a blend of different colors.

2.4. Response CL 

Most of the “dripping” pattern on the upper of these pair of sneakers is black, and the Three Stripes branding on the sides appears to have purple accents. The midsole and outsole maintain the covert execution.

response cl

response cl

The vintage running-inspired mannequin was first clad in white but is now sporting a vivid yellow outfit that more closely resembles the Puerto Rican rapper’s distinctive look. Black, red, and silver complete the design, in addition to stacked panels that produce a “dripping” effect (this collaboration is thought to have been partially inspired by ice cream). Rapper El Ojo’s (“The Eye”) Bad Bunny logo hit serves as an official acknowledgement of the cooperation.

The overlay panels of Bad Bunny’s Adidas Response CL have a melted effect and are flowing onto the sole, a minor departure from the regular pairs. The eye emblem on the heel and other signature logos from the artist’s past Forum collaborations are visible on this pair.


Adidas introduced the Response CL last year, which closely resembles several of their well-known running designs from the 2000s.

2.5. Forum PWR

The fourth shoe developed in partnership by Bad Bunny and Adidas Originals is the Forum PWR, a fresh design that combines the Forum and Powerphase. Bad Bunny gave this team’s cooperation the moniker “Catch and Throw” in homage to vintage video games and his “senses” and “an understanding of the world around him of his interpretation of the Forum .”

Numerous details in The Forum PWR are unique to Bad Bunny sneakers. The lateral mid-panel, for instance, displays the name “Benito,” Bad Bunny’s real name, rather than the typical Adidas Originals insignia. The tongue, for instance, has the eye pattern frequently seen in Bad Bunny’s prior collaborations. 

However, the combination is more intricate than what the human eye can see. Bad Bunny’s most dismantled pair to date is The Forum PWR. Many pieces, like the tongue and the removable heel patch with an embossed Trefoil, have been doubled up. An additional feature

  • a second neon green-trimmed heel clip within the shoe.
  • the blue rubber heel.
  • a Powerphase sole unit in light brown.
  • Adidas Trefoil logo on the second tongue.
  • adidas and Bad Bunny-branded insoles.


Bunny has quite a few Adidas sneakers available if you’ve lost count. The reggaeton superstar’s most recent sneaker design for Adidas features his birth name. He claimed that the ideal shoe defines you and unites people.

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