Top 15 Bad Bunny songs that have captivated the whole world


Nearly every listener has heard of Bad Bunny’s fantastical inventions. This talented Latin American rapper advances significantly with each of his popular releases. The artist entrances the global listener with a fresh, original wave of Latin music by fusing the flavors of reggaeton, Latin trap, and synth wave. Here are the top 15 Bad Bunny songs that have enthralled audiences worldwide.

Callaíta – Bad Bunny songs

Tainy created “Callata,” which Bad Bunny co-wrote with Marco Efran Masis, and it was launched on May 31, 2019. It belongs to the trapeton style. The song’s music video was created by Cormoran Filmes Zapatero and directed by Kacho Lopez Mari.



This Bad Bunny song is about a silent girl who is a little introverted but also leads an alternate life of going to parties and having adventures without worrying about what other people think of her. The song has topped many charts, including those in Spain and the Dominican Republic, where it peaked at 1. It peaked at number two in Paraguay and Peru and reached the same on Billboard’s US Hot Latin Songs chart.


Ni Bien Ni Mal – Bad Bunny songs

On the Latin trap album X 100pre, the song “Ni Bien Ni Mal” was published in 2018. Tainy and La Paciencia produced it. Bad Bunny is depicted as a stowaway in the video clip. The song discusses having mixed feelings following a breakup. After enduring a storm at sea, Bad Bunny finds models and vibrant rabbits waiting for him when he lands on an island in the clip. Then he leads a happy life.

No Me Conoce (Remix) – Bad Bunny songs

2019 saw the release of “No Me Conoce,” or “You Don’t Know Me,” a partnership with Puerto Rican rap artist Jhay Cortez. The remix appeared on the American Billboard Hot 100. Trap and reggaeton are mixed together. The Bad Bunny song depicts a girl who frequently acts as though she can’t remember or recalls the person she had an affair with.

La Canción – Bad Bunny songs

On the joint album Oasis by J Balvin and Bad Bunny, the song “La Canción” appears. The reflective song “La Canción,” which translates to “The Song,” is about recalling an ex-girlfriend and listening to their song being did play at a party by a DJ. 

Que Pretenders – Bad Bunny songs

On the Oasis track list, “Que Pretenders,” produced in association with the musician J Balvin, was released in 2019. The Bad Bunny song depicts an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who is seeking another chance. The main message is to ignore the ex, who is being questioned with “Who do you think you are?” The song charted on Billboard’s U.S. Hot Latin Songs, peaking at 2.

Que Pretendes

Que Pretendes

Solo De Mi – Bad Bunny songs

2018 saw the release of “Solo De Mi,” which was manufactured by Tainy and La Paciencia, on Bad Bunny’s X 100pre album. The statement in this song and Bad Bunny’s opposition to domestic violence and women’s mistreatment won him widespread acclaim.

A woman is struck in the video while lip-syncing in front of a microphone, which is shown in great detail. When she has finally had enough, she decides to leave the scene or the relationship and enters a club at which she parties with Bad Bunny.


The X 100pre album is where the love song is from. In English, “Mia” is spelled “mine.” The track’s beat is reggaeton. The love song is about him having a woman. The name speaks for itself. One of the songs that made Bad Bunny famous is this one. This song aided Bad Bunny’s transition from Latin to mainstream music. This Bad Bunny song will create you remember happier times as you listen to it.



There is a positive energy to the music. While listening to it, a smiling face will appear on your face. This is the kind of music that will always be in vogue. This is ideal for listening to when you’re chilling at home or out at a club. It is impossible to remain motionless while listening to it. Compared to his other works, the songs have a softer beat. You could hear music like this daily and never be tired of it.

Hearing Drake sing in Spanish was unusual. He sings the song with a natural voice. Drake seems to be a native speaker of Spanish. He did an excellent job.

Additionally, Bad Bunny does a fantastic job with his vocalists. In the period with the drumbeat, he sings. He does a good job, but he does increase the speed of a few of the pre-chorus words. Drake and Bad Bunny should collaborate on more songs.


“Amorf-da,” a song published in 2018, was co-written by Bad Bunny, Noah Assad, DJ Luian, and Mambo Kingz. It is performed as a ballad and includes the piano. The song’s lyrics depict Bad Bunny as he remembers a failed relationship.

According to the interview process, this was an initial song of his that’s been inspired by a real-life experience or heartbreak. It peaked at the top of many charts worldwide, including Spanish.

Te Bote (Remix)

Bad Bunny and some artists together remixed the song “Te Bote.” One of the frequently played songs on the radio as well as in clubs is “Te Bote.” Reggaeton and dancehall elements are combined to create it. The song discusses getting even with an ex after experiencing a bad breakup.

Te Bote

Te Bote

I Like It

The song “I Like It” was included in Cardi B’s 2018 album, Invasion of Privacy. J. Blavin, as well as Bad Bunny, are featured in it. Salsa and Latin trap factors are both present. This Bad Bunny song by Tony Pabón and his co-writers are sampled. The track was included in the US Billboard Hot 100.


“Ignorance,” from the YHLQMDLG album, is the first song on the Top 10 Bad Bunny Songs list. “Ignorantes” is Spanish for “ignorants.” Latin r&b is the beat of the song. The emotionally charged song depicts someone who misses a former flame they didn’t take too seriously. If you’ve lost someone who meant a lot to you, a song like this will hit close to home. We’ve all been in circumstances where allowing someone to go made us regret it.



You’ll need these lyrics to help you get through that challenging situation. Because he starts to talk about regretting losing someone he loves, the songs will bring you to tears. How often have you felt regret after letting someone go who you still love? The beat is amazingly upbeat because it is about having lost a love. You might feel much better about the breakup if you dance.

Simple music is played. The keys and drum software are involved. You should be allowed to rap along with Sech and Bad Bunny because they don’t rap too quickly. You will need to use a translator because they rap in Spanish to comprehend what they are saying. Sech has an exceptional flow. Bad Bunny performs admirably. Even if things didn’t turn out badly, he would remind you of your ex because he is so convincing.

La Dificil

The Spanish word “La Dificil” implies “hard to get.” The song’s beat is reggaeton. The flirtatious theme concerns a girl he likes, but he can’t seem to get her. The woman is being evasive. She had a bad breakup, so she doesn’t want to get married.

Anyone who has struggled to get a date with a difficult person will be able to relate to this song. Both men and women can experience this. A time may come in our lives when we attempt to pursue somebody who appears uninterested due to their past. Individuals can relate to this song, which makes it well-liked. Even though the music is slow, you can still dance to it. It has a vintage beat without trying to sound out of date.

With the song, Bad Bunny does a fantastic job. He rhymes along with the catchy beat. His singing is sincere. His flow is excellent. In this Bad Bunny song, he raps in addition to singing. Even though he’s performing the music in Spanish, being Latino is not necessary to enjoy it. You will comprehend the meaning when you’re sad and depressed. 


El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo is the album that contains the seductive song. The song’s title is focused on a bar of the same name. The tune has a reggaeton, house, and synth-pop beat. The arrogant song is about men and women fawning over their opulent lifestyles to attract women. They seek to draw women based on their level of wealth. They manage to make it work even though it would typically not be a good idea to attract someone based solely on your wealth. Most people would view what Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez are doing as boasting, but they are cocky and self-assured.



To think you can boast about your way of life and assume people will love you just for being you, you would need to be very self-assured. Reggaeton and electronic music are combined to create a futuristic sound in the music. It combines a thumping beat with a bouncy synth riff. This Bad Bunny song has a gentler rhythm compared to Bad Bunny’s last singles. He gambled by altering his musical direction, and it paid off. It’s not intended to take this song seriously.

It’s a lively song. Although they appear to be using AutoTune, Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez do an excellent job. Both of them move in time with the beat changes in the music. Although they didn’t have to, AutoTune still functions. This song has a genuine, new sound.


The song about reflection is from Becky G’s album, Mala Santa. In English, “mayores” refers to “older people.” The tune has a reggaeton and Latin pop beat. Her relationship with an older gentleman is the subject of the dramatic song. Here are a few facts about the song. When the song was first released, Becky G was seeing Sebastian Lietget, a soccer player. She is his four-year senior.

This Bad Bunny song affirmed the rumors that she was dating him. It is simple to relate to the personal lyrics because most of us have started dating older people at some point in our lives. The sensual beat is perfect for the club environment. The pop and Latin fusion in the music is exquisite. The voice of Becky G is incredible. She has Ariana Grande’s voice. She uses her higher register to sing the song.

Additionally, she holds notes throughout the song. You like to sing with her when she sings. The soprano vocals of Becky G stood out beautifully against Bad Bunny’s deeper tones. He uses his lower register to sing the song, which fits the beat well. This song will always be fresh. It is something you can listen to repeatedly without getting bored. The song’s abrupt conclusion is the only drawback, in my opinion. The song is over when you’re ready to continue.

Estamos Bien

The song “Estamos Bien” from the X 100pre is the following on our list of Top 10 Bad Bunny Songs. “Estamos Bien” translates to “We’re Good.” A Latin trap beat underpins the song. The victims of Hurricane Maria are mentioned in the uplifting song. He discusses their experiences during the hurricane. He wanted the public to be aware that the victims survived. They were nice, he said. The hurricane claimed the lives of thousands. This song is dedicated to them, according to Bad Bunny.

Estamos Bien

Estamos Bien

This song doesn’t need to serve as an anthem for hurricane victims. Anyone who has endured something can use it. This song is uplifting because the world is experiencing a lot. It will give you hope and reassure you that everything will be fine. You’ll remember happier times as you listen to the lyrics. When you’re feeling down, the song will make you feel better. Everybody needs a song that makes them feel better. The song has a beat that is difficult to pin down. It has a Latin, pop, and dance music fusion sound.

You can tell that for him, the Bad Bunny’s songs are personal. His baritone voice is used to sing this. When he belts toward the song’s conclusion, he demonstrates his range. To hear him sing the song was a welcome surprise. With this motivational song, he demonstrated that he could sing songs outside his comfort zone. 

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