Bad Bunny Super Bowl LIV Halftime – The rapper brought reggaeton to the show

bad bunny super bowl 2020

Due to the participation of the hottest artists right now, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is among the most regular performances of the year. In 2020, rap and hip hop will be represented by a tremendous exponential function of the genre, like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, as well as Kendrick Lamar.

bad bunny and j balvin

bad bunny and j balvin

The singer who has been crowned the most artist on Spotify for a second consecutive year (2020 and 2021): Bad Bunny—is one of the musicians who helped bring their music to a field of the highest significant event in the NFL.

The Puerto Rican, regarded as one of urban music’s most well-known representatives today, performed at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show in 2020 alongside Shakira and Jennifer Lopez as featured performers. Here are some entertaining facts about the Bad Bunny Super Bowl.

Bad Bunny Super Bowl – The rapper brought reggaeton to the Super Bowl show with J Balvin

Even though his speaking was brief, he emphasized the Latin existence on stage, singing along with Shakira to songs like I Like It, Blackmail, as well as Callista, which lit up the stands at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, as well as the viewing public who watched the performance on television.

We had seen him gain entry with deliberate but powerful movement patterns as Shakira started singing I like it, which Cardi B initially performed with J Balvin as well as BadBunny. He had a silver outfit, including tennis shoes, oversized pants, and a huge trench coat.

The Colombian music “Blackmail,” of the kind that she performed in salsa style, followed by the Puerto Rican song “Callata,” performed by the Bad Rabbit, caused everyone to start dancing in their seats.

J Balvin supported Jennifer Lopez in her performance and was another urban genre spokesperson at Super Bowl LIV. Just at the time, this genre appeared to be experiencing a boom.

j balvin and j lo

j balvin and j lo

Reggaeton was featured in the Super Bowl LIV halftime performance thanks to J Balvin as well as Bad Bunny.

Fans were shocked whenever the reggaetoneros appeared on stage throughout Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s mega-concert on Sunday at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. Shakira started the performance by singing hits such as “Whenever, Wherever,” “Empire,” and numerous others as the 2 Latina megastars dominated their performance results.

bad bunny s super bowl liv outfit

bad bunny s super bowl liv outfit

Then Shakira, as well as Bad Bunny, sang “I Like It” & “Chantaje” together. The singer from Puerto Rico wore only silver clothing.

The second half was then wholly dominated by J.Lo’s incredible hit melody. During J.Lo’s performance, Balvin appeared and briefly performed “Que Calor” as well as “Mi Gente.” The Colombian rapper joined Lopez for a dynamic performance while sporting informal black sweatsuits. Despite this, he still displayed his swagger.

Yolanda Adams performed “America the Beautiful” just at the beginning of the game, as well as Demi Lovato sang the National Anthem with enthusiasm. Beyoncé, as well as JAY-Z, their daughter Blue Ivy, & numerous other celebrities, are also present.

Bad Bunny’s Super Bowl LIV outfit featured over 13,000 Swarovski stones

Numerous good artists expended Super Bowl break-breaking records at the most watched sporting event worldwide, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, and Bruno Mars. But now that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have taken over, many people, including Time magazine, are speculating whether this was the finest Super Bowl halftime show ever.

The truth is that not many people have anything against these two Latinas who gave their all in an achievement that upheld Latin pride as well as women’s power. They also received assistance from J Balvin as well as Bad Bunny, two prominent figures in Latin music, who they invited to perform at their concert.

Not only because they’re in the footsteps of performers like Beyonce, Prince, and Michael Jackson but also because the Super Bowl is broadcast to more than 90 million fans in the US alone; fronting the Super Bowl is a pivotal event for many artists’ careers.

bad bunny s outfit featured over 13 000 swarovski stones

bad bunny s outfit featured over 13 000 swarovski stones

As a result, this year, when it was revealed that Shakira, as well as Jennifer Lopez, would perform at the 2020 show’s halftime performance, excitement was the overriding reaction.

The performers opened their achievement with Shakira’s “She-Wolf” as well as continued with an amount of JLo hits, such as “Jenny from the Block,” “Ain’t It Funny,” as well as “Get Right” to highlight Latino culture as well as music.

When rumors of a rare appearance by J Balvin as well as Bad Bunny came true, what had started as a high-energy intermission to the game quickly turned into one of the most memorable halftime shows in Super Bowl history. While the two performers undoubtedly caught the viewer’s attention, Bad Bunny’s outfit’s 13,000+ stones didn’t hurt either.

A pair of specially made Nike Blazers that was also entirely covered in Swarovski crystals were worn with the tailor-made custom jacket and pants created by the acclaimed Berlin label Last Heirs.

On a one-of-a-kind lasered technological vinyl coat, pants, a pullover, a matching belt, and a chain, the stones were fully set inside a cascading design created by the artist.


“Thank you for working with us to make this vision a reality, @badbunnypr, and @stormssmoov. Working with your family was an honor and a pleasure!” The fashion designer used Instagram.

Balvin, who performed the song “Mi Gente,” joined Lopez on stage while wearing a black “Made in Medellin” hoodie, loose-fitting pants, as well as sneakers from his forthcoming Air Jordan 1 High cooperation. The reggaeton icon teased the vibrant look on Instagram by posting images first as close-up shots on Instagram Stories, then as grid posts.

“I’m Latino and proud, but they don’t put us in a box because we’re global citizens. I’m proud to be Latino, but just don’t categorize us; we are a global society. I will debut my Jordan 1-J Balvin cooperation later this evening at the Super Bowl,” the celebrity captioned a picture of the shoe.

Balvin clarified that he prefers to develop his attention-grabbing fashion independently, without the help of professionals, in a question and answer session with Footwear News from November.

“I enjoy [my style] since I’m a geek. I walk around New York as well as observe people’s style as well as creativity in the ’80s as well as ’90s,’ Balvin said to FN. Fashion seems to be art, a means of self-expression, and what I love to do.

Five moments that Bad Bunny Super Bowl 2020 became one of the best Halftime Shows in history

The 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Concert featured prominently Latino power. In addition to Shakira as well as Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, a Colombian reggaeton musician who made his mark as one of the most significant figures of Latin music around the globe on the stage of the Half-Time Show of the year’s most excellent vital sports game, was also in attendance.

shakira and bad bunny

shakira and bad bunny

Shakira, who was in control of kicking off the Halftime Show, was joined by Bad Bunny to perform the single “Blackmail” like a duet, as well as the stage, which was indeed crowded with Latin power. In keeping with his wealthy and urban aesthetic, Bad Bunny sported a platinum-colored ensemble that included oversized pants, a long trench coat, as well as a scarf over his head.
The moments when the rise of Bad Bunny helped this show become one of the greatest halftime shows of all time are examined.

  • Puerto Rican-born Bad Bunny joined the performer for a duet during the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • Bad Bunny entered the stage to the tune of I Like It before performing “Blackmail” inside a salsa rendition to which she forced everyone to dance.
  • There are rumors about Bad Bunny going to the Super Bowl with J Balvin. And they did perform for all of their fans.
  • In this year’s 2020 Super Bowl, noteworthy moments were won by Bad Bunny as well as Shakira. Before Jennifer Lopez’s turn, all these performers took over the stage.
  • Bad Bunny wore a dressier outfit that was still a part of his urban aesthetic, with glitter and unique accents like his silver sneakers.

Cardi B is very pleased with the number of people who attended the Bad Bunny concert at the Super Bowl

The numbers for Bad Bunny’s live performance attendance have Cardi B ecstatic. Bad Bunny invited Cardi onstage in during performance to give surprise performances of “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves),” which became her breakout single, and their #1 joint single, “I Like It.”

Just after the live show, Cardi praised Bad Bunny on social networks for their success in the touring business. Despite tweeting, she remembers attending the Super Bowl at this stadium. More people attended the Bad Bunny concert presently than the Super Bowl! The artist wants to achieve this!

bad bunny concert at the super bowl

bad bunny concert at the super bowl

On the singer’s Instagram Story, Cardi also posted lots of videos of the substantial crowd. Amazing, wow! “, she states in a video. “May God always bless him?”

Cardi was in Los Angeles on February 13 for Super Bowl LVI. Alongside her spouse Offset.

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