Bad Bunny Vinyl –  2022 was a perfect year for it

vinyl is far superior to digital

On-demand recording streaming reached a yearly high of 988.1 billion streams throughout this digital age. For the first time, because MRC Data started tracking music sales in 1991, vinyl sales surpassed CD sales as the best-selling physical format around the same time.

In 2011, less than 2% of albums were sold on physical vinyl; by 2021, however, 41.7 million albums had been sold, or even more than half of all albums.


bad bunny vinyl

bad bunny vinyl

The data revealed that the volume of new streaming music decreased year over year, a speeding-up trend that began during the first COVID-19 waves and closures when music fans resorted to having to listen to their old favorites out of nostalgic memories. In recent years, many artists have made their albums available on vinyl.

The music industry’s most recent data also support what many people have long believed to be true: 2021 was a very successful year for Bad Bunny vinyl.

1. Top 4 Bad Bunny vinyl

El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo (2xLP Vinyl) – Bad Bunny Vinyl

el ultimo tour del mundo vinyl

el ultimo tour del mundo vinyl

The biggest reggaeton star ends a career-defining 2020 with an album that envisions his music in 2030: It draws equally from hip-hop and R&B as it does from post-punk as well as rock en espaol and is morose and introverted.

X 100pre (Yellow Splatter Vinyl) – Bad Bunny Vinyl

Bad Bunny, a rapper from Puerto Rico, features Diplo, El Alfa, and Drake on his debut album, X 100PRE. There are several singles on it. Fans can expect nothing less than the best from the reigning Latin trap king in X 100PRE. Trap, reggaeton, dream-pop, pop-punk/emo, and Dominican dem bow are used to fuel a narrative as the tunes flow into each other and freely cross genres. This answers anyone who has ever wondered why Bad Bunny took so long to release a quality album. So relax and follow him on his hazy quest for clarification.

yellow splatter vinyl

yellow splatter vinyl

Bad Bunny J. Balvin ‘Oasis’ Vinyl Record Lp

J Balvin’s chart-topping reggaeton single “OASIS” on vinyl J Balvin has established himself as a leading figure in Latin pop music thanks to his polished urban singles and top-charting albums.

oasis vinyl

oasis vinyl

Un Verano Sin Ti – New 3 LP Record 2022 Bunny Orange Vinyl 

The fifth album total and fourth studio album by Bad Bunny were released in 2022. It is titled Un Verano Sin Ti. The 23-track album features appearances on many shows and is primarily reggaeton, cumbia, and indie pop record.

un verano sin ti vinyl

un verano sin ti vinyl

2. Reasons music artists like Bad Bunny released albums on vinyl

Fans are not buying CDs anymore

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reports that CD album sales in the US are reportedly at their lowest point since 1986 and have decreased by 97% since reaching a peak in 2000. It means that CDs are obsolete.

Artists have to sell something physical

Of course, you can’t let your fans stream, primarily since streaming generates very little revenue. When they exit your show, you need to sell them something they will take. Although the music on USB flash drives is rising, it’s not all that is trying to appeal. Nobody desires to have an assortment of flash drives in their home.

Fans, therefore, long for vinyl. If you go on tour, you must have something fantastic on your music merchandise table.

Vinyl pressing is now so simple

These days, you can get a small-run vinyl applying pressure for 100 units or even less. Additionally, even if your files are digital, good vinyl mastery and technology make it possible to produce high-quality vinyl.

And today, instead of leaving your house to visit your vinyl pressing plant as you did in the 1960s, you can send everything and keep an eye on it online. Even better, they can send the vinyl straight to your fans.

Vinyl is far superior to digital

The vinyl format has value independent of CDs. It’s not just something you can throw away because it has music; it’s also an original work of art.


vinyl is far superior to digital

vinyl is far superior to digital

You have over just music to listen to—from the vinyl record itself to its vinyl cover. Hey, it makes sense why people prefer to collect vinyl over digital files.

Vinyl legitimizes artists – Bad Bunny Vinyl

Each year, a large number of musicians release their debut albums. The fact that you publish your music will set you off from each other from those who are just “testing the waters” of an independent music career. Including vinyl, not just on iTunes!

Vinyl conveys the idea that you are not a novice. After all, you are prepared to invest some time in creating an album suitable for vinyl. Now, not everyone is capable of that!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make vinyl

Back in the day, pressing some vinyl required extra cash you could throw away. In addition to the higher minimum quantity, you also need to market them.

However, since we have access to the internet, we can pre-sell vinyl and place on-demand orders in increments of 50, for instance. You only need to spend money on a good master. This is why it also makes good sense to re-release an album that you previously released and thought was successful. You can be sure there is zero chance you will lose any money in this manner.

Vinyl can make people talk – Bad Bunny Vinyl

Good music is good, but if you publish a great vinyl, fans will talk about your delightful vinyl record and how amazing your music is. That implies that you’ll draw vinyl and art enthusiasts in addition to your followers.

These individuals will discuss your vinyl on social media. They’ll post videos and photos of your vinyl record spinning on Facebook and Instagram. Your music stream can’t be subjected to the same manipulation. They are free to post a screen capture of your cover art, but it isn’t as good as vinyl.

Vinyl is awesome

The practical benefits of releasing your album on vinyl could go on and on. However, vinyl is probably the only thing that could persuade you of its awesomeness. You, we and almost everyone else are aware of it.

You will compete with the greats if you press records. You can be happy that you created it. We promise that when you look at your Bad Bunny vinyl record ten years from now, you’ll be proud of your music and yourself.

3. What contributed to this rise in fan interest?

Without the public’s enthusiasm for personalized vinyl records, we are confident that the format would not have survived after CDs took its place.

Thank goodness it never truly faded despite its sway. And we can be grateful for the pandemic as well. The pandemic created an interest in the format among bored people who were quarantined in their homes. Numerous factors contributed to this rise in interest, but allow us to list three of them for you.

Listening to vinyl is experiential

The first is its tangible quality, which in this generation dominated by technology exudes a novel vibe.

Compared to vinyl records, all of the streaming services online, digital downloads, and even CDs provide a less tactile connection.

You are aware of the fact that these records must be turned in to play the entire album, correct? In contrast to the other mentioned styles, it takes some effort to listen to songs on personalized vinyl records. It resembles a ritual. To ensure you hear the music, remove the Bad Bunny vinyl from its sleeve, put it on the player, and remain in the room.

Warm sound

The second is the excellent audio it provides for its audience. There is no exaggeration regarding the reputation of vinyl records as having superior sound quality.

Vinyl records don’t leave any musical data behind, unlike digital ones, which are compressed and only contain snippets of analog soundwaves. Additionally, it has a crackle and pop sound that adds romance to vinyl listening.

Vinyl pressings in limited quantities are now available

Even though artists adore all the benefits above, if they could not pay for the custom vinyl pressing, the whole thing would be for nothing. Because of this, musicians have had the option to release their albums as vinyl records. Artists, especially independent artists, have significantly benefited from the small vinyl pressings provided by pressing facilities in realizing their fantasy of publishing in the format.

With the help of this offer, independent musicians can order vinyl pressings in quantities as low as 100. Some pressing facilities offer even one unit for their short-run vinyl pressing. This is very beneficial because artists will incur higher costs as they purchase more units, but if they order fewer units, they will incur lower costs. Furthermore, they won’t stress about failing to sell the extra copies. Since they have fewer copies, they can be sure they will sell the majority of them, if not all.


We want to share the information about Bad Bunny vinyl with you like above. Pressing songs on vinyl is something Bad Bunny did for fans. Vinyl from Bad Bunny is special. It always remains in style.

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