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Bad Bunny maybe fight at Wrestlemania 37

Bad Bunny is a professional wrestler from Puerto Rico and a rapper, singer, record producer, and actor. Rapper Bad Bunny developed a fascination for the business while growing up and watching WWE. He greatly admired the athletes and wanted to do whatever he could to play the sport. As a result of his evident love and appreciation for the industry, Bad Bunny was welcomed with open arms into the WWE Universe. Bad Bunny WWE was formerly a 24/7 Champion. 

1. About WWE

Vince McMahon and the WWE staged the inaugural WrestleMania event on March 31, 1985. Since it first took place, the occasion has developed into a worldwide spectacle that draws fans of wrestling from all over the world. Given that it is the most viewed wrestling event of the year, it shouldn’t be surprising that WWE loves to bring in some big names for the event.

Bad Bunny maybe fight at Wrestlemania 37

Bad Bunny maybe fight at Wrestlemania 37

Every year, WWE will get in touch with several famous people in the hopes that they will attend the event and take part. Given the abundance of famous people who are avid sports fans, it is easy for WWE to discover willing stars. The individuals they speak with don’t always have the most significant relevance or influence on the program. However, WWE has occasionally managed to snag some well-known celebrities to take part in the occasion and have a relevant spot. Although they might be mentioned in a segment or a game, the relevant famous people typically have a good lead-up to the occasion.

WWE was a sport that Bad Bunny watched as a child. WWE recognized this as a chance and contacted him, asking for the pop star to participate in WrestleMania 37.


Bad Bunny worked with other celebrities to improve his skills in the ring because he wanted to put on a fantastic show. To defeat The Miz as well as John Morrison, he would work with Damian Priest. Later, Bunny would make a comeback at the 2022 Royal Rumble PPV to secure the primary event position at WrestleMania 38. Bad Bunny WWE did perform a fantastic performance despite not being as fortunate as he was in his previous encounter.

Besides Bad Bunny, WWE also invites many famous personalities to participate. These are Mickey Rourke, Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville, Mike Tyson, Aretha Franklin, Maria Menonous, Cyndi Lauper, Mr. T,…

2. Bad Bunny competes in professional wrestling for the WWE

Bad Bunny has made numerous appearances in the WWE; at the Royal Rumble in 2021, he made his debut there. He teamed up with Damien Priest to win the 24/7 Championship following the Royal Rumble. They started a feud with The Miz and Morrison before WrestleMania. They triumphed over Morrison and The Miz at WrestleMania 37. He competed in the Royal Rumble match in 2022 but lost.

He sang his song “Booker T” live on January 31, 2021, during the annual Royal Rule Rumble of the WWE, featuring the same-named retired wrestler. He started making appearances on the weekly television program Monday Night Raw of WWE.

bad bunny wins 24 7 championship

bad bunny wins 24 7 championship

Bad Bunny WWE as well as fellow countryman wrestler Damian Priest joined together to defeat Akira Tozawa on the Monday Night Raw broadcast of February 15 in order to win the WWE 24/7 Championship. Bad Bunny’s 28-day reign was put to an end on the show of March 15 of Monday Night Raw when he traded R-Truth for Stone Cold Steve Austin memorabilia the 24/7 Championship.

On January 29, 2022, Bad Bunny made a comeback to the WWE and took part in the male Royal Rumble event. Prior to being defeated by Brock Lesnar, who eventually won, he advanced to the final five. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler were already gone.

Bad Bunny WWE’s Championships and accomplishments:

  • 1 time for Bumpy Award 
  • 1 time for WWE 24/7 Championship 
  • 2021, he won Best Moment of the Half-Year 

3. Presence of Bad Bunny during the WWE Royal Rumble in 2022

Fans of the superstar Bad Bunny WWE stood up when they learned that he would be competing in the WWE’s 2022 Royal Rumble on January 29 in St. Louis.

Thirty competitors fight in a battle royal-style bout at specified intervals during the WWE Royal Rumble pro wrestling event. Wrestlers are removed from the match when they are thrown over the top rope as well as onto the ground. The contestant who remains in the ring the longest wins.

bad bunny during the wwe royal rumble in 2022

bad bunny during the wwe royal rumble in 2022

The 27th contestant to enter the ring was Benito. He single-handedly defeated Irish wrestler Sheamus in his seven minutes and 41 seconds of fame.

Along with defeating Dolph Ziggler, he defeated fellow Latino combatant Rey Mysterio.

Bad Bunny performed a technique known as the “Destroyer” on a wrestler named Riddle in one of the most impressive feats of the evening.

Ultimately, Brock Lesnar, the ultimate champion of this year’s Royal Rumble, eliminated the musician.

4. What motivates Bad Bunny to compete at Wrestlemania 37?

The biggest WWE event of 2021, WrestleMania 37, will feature a number of prominent faces, including Bad Bunny. The singer has been appearing at shows since January.

WWE never ceases to amaze. They are capable of movements that no one can imagine. Therefore, it is not strange to see famous faces in his ring. Sometimes they have a longer stay in the company and other times shorter. Many of them are usually used for significant events, especially WrestleMania. There we saw the former president of the United States before he was, Donald Trump risking his hair against Vince McMahon or Ronda Rousey, making her first appearance in the company years before she was officially a fighter. There are many ways to be in the great event, and in 2021 two very different ones will be seen.

The most commented is that of the singer Bad Bunny. The 28-year-old Puerto Rican singer wrote a song in honor of Booker T, a former wrestler and current WWE analyst. The event began in January. He performed it alongside the main character in the first PPV of the year, Royal Rumble. The story could end there, but it was not. Bud Bunny WWE also had the moment of his in the battle royale. It was the start of something. From the first moment, Damian Priest, who made his way to the main roster like this, protected him, and together they began to have more weight.

bad bunny takes part in wrestlemania 37

bad bunny takes part in wrestlemania 37

Every time Bad Bunny appeared on Raw, it was obvious that he was aiming for WrestleMania. He was mistreated by Elijah. He is also a singer, or so the fighter says, and when the Puerto Rican denied him a duet, there was tension. Finally, his rivalry in the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’ will be against The Miz. The American is one of the most mediatic fighters outside the ring, and between roosters, the tension rose to the point that Miz and John Morrison painted the singer’s car in the last episode of Raw. Bad Bunny WWE has trained hard to offer a good show between appearance and appearance. In principle, he was going to have a heads up against Miz, but after the ‘joke’ of the car, it will be a duel in pairs: Priest and Bunny against Miz and Morrison. Training time, a rivalry created for weeks… a good coming-out from Bad Bunny is expected.

The singer’s appearance reacts to WWE’s constant pursuit of improvement and desire to expand its audience base. The wrestlers know this and are aware that ‘they must retain the fans that the music star brings.’ With that same premise will be the YouTuber, influencer, and who has done his first steps in professional boxing, Jake Paul. In his case, he appeared on screen a week ago and will be accompanying Sami Zayn, although knowing him and also WWE… they will have a surprise in store.

5. Bad Bunny might make a comeback in the WWE

Due to his passion for the sport and the enthusiasm it generated, many fans had anticipated Bunny’s comeback at some point in the future. Additionally, there have recently been reports regarding the Puerto Rican rapper’s comeback to the ring.

Following Triple H’s announcement that he will soon begin negotiations with the singer, Bad Bunny is expected to make a WWE comeback.

bad bunny might return to wwe

bad bunny might return to wwe

After Clash At The Castle show, Triple H teased, a little bit of a spoiler, that he and Bad Bunny WWE would be talking very soon.

They will go and check what is available because it has already been scheduled world’s biggest musical star.

Bunny has received accolades from both wrestlers and fans for the manner he has immersed himself in the sport. Bunny’s commitment and tenacity pleased Triple H, real name Paul Levesque.

One thing about Bad Bunny WWE: they did all of their stuff in preparation for his match against The Miz when we were going to work with him.

The Game oversees creative and talent relations for WWE and also shared his gratitude to Bunny for his efforts leading up to and during WrestleMania last year.


The care and planning that Bad Bunny WWE put into his ringwork received high accolades from wrestlers and fans alike, and the outcomes are among their kind. Everyone agreed that it is clear from his work that he is a fan of the industry.

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