El Último Tour Del Mundo Tour Locations – Everything To Check Before The Show

The rapper turns his album into a concert

Bad Bunny’s next concert is coming to your city, but you have no idea where to check the ticket prices and venues. Don’t panic; you are at the right place!

We will cover everything you should check beforehand for this hot concert, including El Último Tour Del Mundo Tour locations, where to buy the Bad Bunny tickets, and many more. Let’s read on to discover! 

What Is El Último Tour Del Mundo?

El Último Tour Del Mundo (“The Last Tour of the World” in Spanish) is Bad Bunny’s third solo album.

Rimas Entertainment published it on November 27th, 2020, only about nine months after Bad Bunny’s previous album, YHLQMDLG, which was commercially successful.

His album was the best-selling Latin record in 2021 in the USA, and the most listened to and downloaded record in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina. 

Bad Bunny had intended to travel the world to promote his record in 2020. Yet, he had to push the tour dates to 2022 because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

On February 9th, 2022, Bad Bunny’s El Ultimo Tour del Mundo will begin at the Ball Arena in Colorado, comprising 35 tour dates. The Bad Bunny tickets are currently on sale. 

The rapper turns his album into a concert
The rapper turns his album into a concert

El Último Tour Del Mundo Tour Locations 

The host has confirmed Bad Bunny tour dates for his “Bad Bunny: World’s Hottest Tour” in 2022, which will commence in August.

The venue tour’s North American leg starts on August 5th in Orlando and ends on September 30th in Los Angeles.

Bad Bunny has announced many more tour dates for future shows following the selling out of his stadium concerts.

Second performances in San Diego, Houston, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are all scheduled. 

Here’s the list of Bad Bunny tour dates and sites for 2022.

February Denver, El Paso, Hidalgo, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Portland
March Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Rosemont, Toronto, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Montreal, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando
AprilMiami, Atlanta
AugustAtlanta, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Bronx
SeptemberHouston, San Antonio, Dallas, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix
OctoberLos Angeles, Santo Domingo, Santiago
November Buenos Aires, Asunción, Lima, Quito, Medellín, Panama City, San Jose, San Salvador, San Pedro Sula
December Guatemala City, Monterrey, Mexico City

Bad Bunny wants to interact more with his fans and performs on stage. Hence, there are many tour dates and locations to check for. 

You can check for the show in your city
You can check for the show in your city

Background Of The Album 

The album has 16 songs featuring Rosalia, Abra, and Jhay Cortez. During his time in quarantine, Bad Bunny began to experiment with new songs.

This album combines new elements such as R&B, electronic rap, and even a little rock, remaining in the reggaeton genre.

Bad Bunny did a brilliant job combining new rhythms and genres with clever lyrics. This album infused the epidemic with some much-needed bright and joyful emotions.

Because we were under lockdown with nothing else to listen to, Bad Bunny made a good choice by releasing his music in the middle of a crisis.

Highly recommended tracks

“Yo Visto Asi” is a hit that you should check out first. The song says that Bad Bunny wants to dress as he likes. He doesn’t care about what others think of his look.

Another great hit is “120,” which started off with a rapid beat and then gradually changed to a car’s racing noises before ending with a softer rhyme.

The artist also puts many great songs on his tour, such as “Booker T,” “Hoy Cobré,” and “Te Mudaste.”


Leila Cobo, writing for Billboard, described Bad Bunny’s album as “a significant triumph” for the Latin music business.

She mentioned Bad Bunny’s reputation as undoubtedly one of the most successful singers in the world, the streaming age, and the Latin music genre’s persistent rise in the US.

Bad Bunny was not subject to the same entrance obstacles that Latin trap musicians have encountered in the United States for years.

Bad Bunny makes the quarantine less stressful
Bad Bunny makes the quarantine less stressful

How Can You Buy Tickets To The El Último Tour Del Mundo Tour?

After checking the tour dates and locations, you can book the Bad Bunny tickets. It would be best to find reputable sites to get the best deal. 


Primary Bad Bunny tickets for stadium performance dates went on sale through Ticketmaster in January, and most of them sold out immediately in record time.

Apart from Official Platinum inventory, all originally scheduled dates are essentially sold out. The newly introduced concerts went up for sale in February on Ticketmaster. 

Bad Bunny tickets are also available on the secondary market, and they may come with a Refund Guarantee.

According to the Refund Guarantee, if the host cancels the show or deems it inappropriate for fans to come, the sites will reimburse attendees in 15 days.

You can save from 15% to 25% if you choose reliable sites with no additional costs.


The price of Bad Bunny tickets varies based on many variables, such as venues and tour dates. 

Entrance fees range from $214 to $1,206. The average ticket price for most concerts is $400 to $500, with some costing as much as $10,000. 

You can find better deals for the Bad Bunny tickets on any secondary market page. Yet, ensure that it is reliable, or you will have to throw your tickets away. 

Check the information carefully for the concert
Check the information carefully for the concert

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here is some further information about Bad Bunny, his Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, and World’s Hottest Tour.

1. How much does Bad Bunny make per concert?

According to data, a ticket to one of Bad Bunny’s concerts costs roughly $160.

The artist has an average audience of 16,962 persons, bringing a global average revenue of $2.7 million per venue.

2. Are Vivid Seats Bad Bunny tickets legit?

Yes. Vivid Seats is a safe and secure platform for trading Bad Bunny tickets. It is a legitimate firm that handles ticket sales for hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Anyone seeking cheap concert tickets or events in the United States should check out the company.

3. How long is El Último Tour del Mundo concert?

Bad Bunny performs nearly two hours on each show.

Final Words 

Bad Bunny fans must be excited about this upcoming tour. Before attending the show, remember to check the tour dates in your city and the tickets to avoid missing anything.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Please feel free to ask for any further information about Ultimo Tour Del Mundo and Bad Bunny. 

Thank you for reading! 

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