How much are Bad Bunny tickets

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If you are an inexperienced music fan, buying tickets for live performances can be a stressful nightmare, sometimes riddled with disappointment. Especially when it comes to the hottest, top-selling trap stars. Buy Bad bunny tickets now.

In this article, we will provide information on how to buy Bad Bunny tickets now. Prepare yourself for a whole new experience by purchasing Bad Bunny tickets.

Bad Bunny’s music career

Born on March 10, 1994 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (also referred to as “Bad Bunny”) is the descendant of a truck driver and a former school teacher. He is famous for a mix of unique, genderless style in fashion and deep vocal slurs.

Bad Bunny's music career

Bad Bunny’s music career

He works as a full-time singer and songwriter throughout his musical career. He has contributed to the increased popularity of reggaeton and trap music with his passion. Bad Bunny’s urban music style included elements of rock, punk, and soul in addition to the Latin trap genre for which he is best known.

As a young Latin artist, Bad Bunny has collaborated with many huge celebrities, including J Balvin, Zunna and Daddy Yankee. In 2017 his single “Soy Peor” went into Top 10 on the Hot Latin Song chart. The rise in star fame continued with his rap-related partnership with rapper Cardi B as well as Drake for Billboard hit songs.

These hits have become less popular in a way, but the name Bad Bunny still remains on the Billboard music chart. That proves just a thing, the Puerto Rican artist has more to offer, come Bad Bunny tour to find out for yourself.

Bad Bunny Seating Chart

Bad Bunny Seating Chart

Bad Bunny Seating Chart

The prices for Bad Bunny’s tickets are very high, but they are woth every penny. According to reviews of the audience, Bad Bunny’s concerts are always full of perreo (dancing) and canto (singing along).

As what fans have shared, their decisions to buy Bad Bunny’s concert tickets are definitely worth it. Everyone can sing their lungs out, destress and dance like never before. With electrifying performances, flames, pyrotechnics being shot through the stage and countless confetti, Bad Bunny concerts will be a night to remember.

How much are Bad Bunny tickets?

How much are Bad Bunny tickets?

How much are Bad Bunny tickets?

Bad Bunny is a sensation within Latin trap, reggaeton. And now he will make his way into the mainstream music industry. As an international artist and performer, Bad Bunny concert tickets always sold out in minutes, even though they are expensive in most cases.

You can find Bad Bunny ticket prices for as low as $150.00, with an average price of $225.00. However, the prices can vary widely depending on where you want to seat. For example, floor seats in the first five rows can be quite over-the-top expensive.

His “El Ultimo Tour del Mundo” show in New York hase been reported to cost anywhere from $550 and $2900. The resale market is also a huge contributor to price inflation these days. So if you want to find tickets that are affordable, make sure to buy from authentic distributors.

Cheap Bad Bunny tickets? Not likely

Given the fact that Bad Bunny concerts sold out every single time, ticket prices can be very inflated sometimes, so it is very hard to get cheap Bad Bunny tickets. It turns out that there are hawkers and re-sellers out there. Not only do they re-sell tickets for grossly inflated prices, they also make the number of available tickets decrease!

Thanks to his stardom, Bad Bunny tickets are notoriously expensive. Bad Bunny ticket prices often start at $120 each or the concert’s websites. But in reality, the average prices for them are around $225. For exclusive tickets, prices may be higher or lower than face value. But there is another way of getting Bad Bunny tickets at a lesser price.

How to get cheap Bad Bunny tickets

You can scroll through the Internet, searching for key words such as “date city venue” or “cheap bad bunny tickets” and you won’t find a thing. The answer is, you can buy your tickets from retailers such as Stub Hub and Vivid Seats, which offer $15 off per orders of $125 or more – a 12 percent saving.

In order to prevent resellers as much as possible, there is also a ticket limit for Benito’s live events to a certain extent. Specifically, the maximum number of seats available is eight tickets per purchase. If one ever violates these limits or exceeds the limits when purchasing tickets presale you could have your order canceled.

Where will Bad Bunny’s concerts be held?

Bad Bunny has had multiple concerts in iconic locations like Madison Square Garden and the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum. His upcoming performances include cities such as San Diego, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Texas, Canada, etc.

Bad Bunny tour dates

As one of the world’s hottest tours, Bad Bunny’s concerts never lose their heat. Shortly after announcing his previous tour in April 2021, Bad Bunny broke Ticketmaster’s record for the most ticket sales for a tour on the first day of sales. Up until now, Bad Bunny is now touring through 14 countries and has 38 upcoming concerts.

It didn’t take long for Bad Bunny to sell out all of his shows, amounting to over 500,000 tickets sold altogether. After only a few months since Bad Bunny’s North American tour – “El Último Tour Del Mundo”, he has recently announced his World’s Hottest Tour.

Here are some of the upcoming concerts of the World’s Hottest Tour starring Bad Bunny in the United States:

1. Camping World stadium

  • August, 5

2. Hard rock stadium

  • August, 12
  • August, 13

3. Yankee Stadium

  • August, 27
  • August, 28

4. Allegiant stadium

  • September, 23
  • September, 24

5. Sofi stadium

  • September, 30
  • October, 1

What to expect at a Bad Bunny’s concert?

What to expect at a Bad Bunny's concert?

What to expect at a Bad Bunny’s concert?

Local musicians are occasionally included in Bad Bunny’s setlist or as opening acts. His songs frequently feature enthusiastic backup dancers to keep the audience energized.

It is not hard to see that Bad Bunny is a unique artist. Fans of him can expect to experience a vivacious performance and see the artist show off his quirky fashion sense through spiked hair, fabulous outfits and painted fingernails.

Artists similar to Bad Bunny

Those who love Latin music phenomena Bad Bunny will have to buy tickets so he can see other top-class Latin music artists including:

It goes without saying that the energetic, passionate vibe brought about by many trap and hip hop artists has its own appeal to trap and hip hop lovers around the globe. And their music obviously deserves more attention.

Here are some of the notable Latin musicians who share the same tastes in music to Bad Bunny:

  • JAY-Z
  • Kanye West
  • Lil Wayne
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Drake
  • Kendrick Lamar

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