Where is bad bunny from? And other interesting facts about Bad Bunny

Where is bad bunny from

Bad Bunny is the Latin artist of reggaeton, trap and pop. Throughout his career, Bad Bunny has also played the role of and dancer. After the release of his single “Sensualidad teBoté”, Bad Bunny gained popularity for his distinctive urban approach. Here is the list of interesting facts about the famous Bad Bunny. Where is bad bunny from

He comes from humble beginnings

Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, was born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Martinez’s father is a truck driver and his mother was a retired schoolteacher. He is the oldest child in his family, with two other younger siblings. Despite growing up in a happy family, Bad Bunny confessed that during his early life, his family really does not have anything. He has never received voice training; instead, he sings every Sunday at church and in class on weekends after school.

Soundcloud is where his music began

Where is bad bunny from - sound cloud

Where is bad bunny from – sound cloud

The Puerto Rican singer used to make songs for his friends as a joke. Reggaeton, a fusion of hip-hop and reggae, was a favorite genre of the young Bad Bunny, and he adored artists like Daddy Yankee and Vico C.

He frequently had the opportunity to watch reggae musician Tego Calderman perform in Rock, salsa, and merengue were a few other genres we were listening to. His preferred musical group for a while was the Bee Gees.

At a young age Benito started recording his own music and then posting it on SoundCloud. He did this after being encouraged by his friends.

How did Bad Bunny get his name?

When he was younger and had to wear a bunny costume to school, Bad Bunny claims he decided on his stage name and decided to just call himself a bad bunny.

After discovering a single photo of himself dressed as a bunny, he was inspired to adopt a new persona. He appeared somewhat irate in the photograph, and the name just came to him.

According to Bad Bunny, he knew right away that the name would be successful. Since bunnies are so widespread, I believed that if someone had heard me sing, I would never be the same.

He had to work on his music career for five years before getting noticed

Bad Bunny enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo campus’ audiovisual communications program. He bagged groceries at an Econo supermarket to pay for his studies.

Bad Bunny began composing songs under the name “El Aposta”. It was five years of trying before he was given an enormous opportunity to write his own song in 2014. The following summer Bad Bunny joined rap artist Bryant Myers, who also released his song “Pa Ta.”

slurred vocal style pop punk

Despite being told to attend college for a serious job, Benito decided to take up a musical career instead. However, to fufill his parent’s wishes, Bad Bunny has subsequently graduated with an audio visual communications degree from UPC Puerto Rico. He would attend classes in the day and work on his music at night.

He has collaborated with many other singers and rappers

Where is bad bunny from - Rapper

Where is bad bunny from – Rapper

Bad Bunny has collaborated with trap artists including Farruko J Balvin Anuel AA and Ozuna with a number of songs. Besides singing, he performed with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Baby Rasta and Gringa, called “Lejos”. Bad Bunny also works with Spain’s singers such as Karol G Becki G and Thalia on songs such as “Te Bote”, “Mi Mala”, and “Sensualidad”. In the last couple of months, he partnered Colombian singer Maluma to record his hit “Felice Los 4”. Drake is probably best known as collaborator for his song Mia.

After being signed with the record label called: Hear this music

best urban music album

Bad Bunny performed at the Coachella, Superbowl 2020

His albums and songs

Bad Bunny appeared on a series of successful singles from 2017 including the single “Pati,” “Loco Pero Millonario” and “Sensualidad”. It continued in 2018 as he released the Grammy-winning single “I Like It”. Bad Bunny’s debut CD “X 100PRE” was released on December 18. In Billboards Top Latin Albums list it reached number 1.

It highlights Bad Bunny’s musical abilities across several music genres that helped him cope with his success and demonstrated his abilities. X100PER has been awarded the Latin Grammy for the greatest Urban Music album. In 2019, Bad Bunny released his collaborative EP Oasis with Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin.

all spanish language album, hot latin songs chart, latin trap singer

his debut album made it to the Billboard Latin albums chart

His second solo studio album YHLQMDLG (Yo hago lo que me da la gana) the surprise compilation album Las que no iban a salir, and his third album, El Último Tour Del Mundo, which became the first all-Spanish-language album to top the US Billboard 200 and generated the Billboard Global 200 number-one single “Dakiti”. Alternately produced by Subelo NEO and Tainy , the set featured collaborations with Daddy Yankee , Yaviah , Ñengo Flow , Anuel AA , and Jowell y Randy .


Where is bad bunny from - Activism

Where is bad bunny from – Activism

Bad Bunny publicly criticised the lack of relief following hurricane Maria. Presenting a performance of Estemos Bien on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in September 2018, the musician stated: “After one year since Hurricane Katrina people still have no electric supply. More than 3000 people have been killed. Donald Trump hasn’t said what..” Several years later their family home still operated on three generators.

Bad Bunny is an icon among the Latin queer community

Ever since the first days of his music career, Bad Bunny has been praised for shifting the expectations of what a male Latin trap star can look and act like. From wearing dresses and gowns, having his nails and hair done in many music videos, to starting a campaign about femininity with Jacquemus.

Back in February, 2020, Martínez made the headlines for calling attention to the murder of a Puerto Rican trans woman. In specific, during his Tonight Show performance, Bad Bunny wore a t-shirt that read, in Spanish, “They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt.” Later in the interview, Martínez explained that he feels a commitment to the Puerto Rican queer community to use his influence to shed light on the commonwealth’s political issues. “Now that we are in quarantine, 108 cases of gender-based violence [have been reported] in Puerto Rico,” Bunny said.

Showing all of the support for queer people, Bad Bunny has also have the chance of lifetime to performe at the 2020’s Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira- the two . Similarly, Ricky Martin, an iconic gay artist who once collaborated with Bad Bunny, has claimed that Martínez is “an icon for the Latin queer community.”

Though, despite the aforementioned, Benito Antonio Martínez’s development as a liberated, LGBTQ ally is still in its infancy. Yo Perreo Sola was released only two months ago. And Bunny’s sudden position as “queer icon” raises the question why, yet again, a straight man kissing.

Personal life

Bad Bunny said after the event he wanted to go to a quiet location to escape the crowds. He remained out of social media for one day as his fame suddenly rose. The video’s view count on YouTube grew to over 70 billion last year.[133] In 2019 Bad Bunny starred on the “Away” roster at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte. The singer met jewelrymaker Gabriela Berlingeri at his family’s restaurant and started dating soon afterwards. [10]

The rapper Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico went from mystery to #relationship goals in less than a month. The pair were spotted together at an NBA game in LA February 28, according to the report. It also revealed that the couple dated during a recent Instagram campaign—YHLQMDLG and La Que no Iban a Sali. I was trying to list all of his best qualities. It helps the viewer see his lips.

As revealed by the press, Berlingerie was a 25-year old jewelry designer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her jewelry business, DICIEMBRE|VEINTINUEVE was founded in 2019 and launched in 2020. According to Azteca, besides the career as a jewelry brand owner, Berlingerie also worked as models at local boutique stores, as well as assisting Bad Bunny with his music. On a, album “Las Que No Iban a Salir”, the songs “En Casaita” or “In a Little House” have been credited with Berlingerie being the singer.

As confessed by Bad Bunny, she has helped him a lot in emotional aspects. Their relationship started as soon as 2017, when they met for the first time in a restaurant in Berlin. It did not take the fans long to know about their relationship. In 2020, Bad Bunny and Gabriela were photographed by paparazzis while relaxing and soaking up sun at Faena Miami Beach, a luxurious resort. After many speculations, the two finally went public shortly after.

In April 2020, while quarantining together in a Puerto Rico Airbnb in order to avoid infections, the couple usually posted photos of their daily updates, showing their times together. The photos went viral on Instagram, especially a video titled “Canción del Coronavirus”.

In addition to their social media postings, Bad Bunny and Gabriela attended several sporting events together in the same year. That’s not it, his beautiful girlfriend even collaborated with him on the song “En Casita,” featured on Las Que No Iban a Salir.

Bunny has dominated the music industry like few others before him, and now it’s time for him to move on to something new. During the 3rd and final season of Narcos: Mexico, a Netflix series, Bad Bunny had his acting debut as Everardo Arturo “El Kitty” Paez, a wealthy adolescent who becomes a henchman for the Arellano Félix family and helps transport drugs.

In August 2022, he will star in the action film Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, as well as Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga. Due to a scheduling conflict with Lady Gaga’s schedule, Sandra Bullock stepped in to fill the role.

He is inspired by Other Singers

Bad Bunnies musical tastes were influenced largely by singers he had been influenced by as young as. His inspiration comes primarily from Jennifer Lopez, and he is especially inspired by the songs he adored, Jennifer Lopez’s music videos, lyrics and fashion. It is also regarded by him as ” his most powerful inspiration.

He loves his fans

It was rare for artists of the same age to connect with fans via social media sites. Although not many were convinced of Bad Bunny’s talent when the slide began he has over 10 million followers on Instagram and one million followers on Twitter.

He recorded a Reggaeton song with Will Smith’s Son

Bad Bunny has worked closely with his son Jaden to remix Mi Forma Ser. The young boy is known as one of the greatest influencers on social media, thus that is indeed an advantage for Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny’s favorite foods

He likes eating rice and beans since it was what his father always eats when he was a boy. But remember, Bad Bunny admitted his least favourite foods were all Italians.

His genderless fashion sense

The Puerto Rican rapper has the most eclectic fashion sense

His dream as a child is to become a wrestler


While he’s one of the biggest stars in music today, the Puerto Rican rapper explained that he always dreamed of being a wrestler as a kid. In fact, he cared about professional wrestling so much, he put his music career on pause.

“I moved to Orlando for three months, training every day,” said Bad Bunny. “I [didn’t] record any songs, I didn’t [do] anything [related] to music.”

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